Methods of Promotion

The professional promotion of investment projects is one of the core activities of the real estate department of Amazon Investments. Using a global network of professionals in order to offer investors and investment funds from around the world access to your real estate, we significantly increase the possibilities for its sale.

Phases of promoting real estate through Amazon Investments:

  1. Finding innovative ways on how to convert your business or your property into an investment opportunity.
  2. Preparing specialised technical and financial studies to demonstrate the profitability of your project.
  3. Realising a comparative statistical analysis of investments to be weighed against the comparative advantages of the project relative to other similar investment opportunities.
  4. We register your project in seclusive international investment project databases and boost its visibility to a large network of investment funds.
  5. Present your project in international professional investment and business associations where we hold a honourable membership and we have an active role
  6. Undertaking business trips to leading investment destinations (e.g. Russia, the UK, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc.) and presentation of your project in investment exhibitions and in private meetings with representative of investment funds, angel investors and venture capitalists.
  7. Finding strategic partners abroad for the establishment of collaboration.
  8. Bringing you in contact with major advertising agencies in Cyprus and abroad in order to promote your property effectively both in local and international markets.
  9. Assisting the conclusion of special agreements with real estate agencies abroad.