A pioneering concept

The very first theme park in Cyprus is sure to become a talking point for locals and foreigners alike. Thrilling rides and activities inspired by Cyprus history and culture, combined with a wide variety of shops, shows and restaurants offering visitors anything they might need on their day out make Wonderland unique in its kind and bound to become an exciting new point of attraction on the island.

Tapping into untapped potential

Coming in to fill a gap in the market, Wonderland will be a distinctive theme park combining both dry and wet rides and activities, which gives it the exclusive advantage of operating all year round. In a beautifully landscaped park, visitors will be able to fully enjoy the favourable weather conditions throughout the year and indulge in the many activities Wonderland has to offer from early in the morning till late in the evening.

Inimitable design

Serving as a microcosm of the realm that inspired it is what sets Wonderland apart from other theme parks of its kind. Details from local tradition and everyday life will be subtly interwoven with a theme embracing adventure, fantasy and science fiction, while all the rides will reflect Greek and Cypriot myths, symbols and landmarks. Educational for locals and tourists alike, the park may further inspire explorative ventures into the island.

Catering to everyone

From arts and crafts to mazes and from water slides to Cyprus’ largest rollercoaster, Wonderland will truly have something for all ages and tastes. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or someone who prefers more laid-back fun, a teenager, a young child or an adult, there is no doubt you will find one of the Cyprus-themed rides and activities to suit you.

Built to be memorable

With an architectural style inspired by Greece and Cyprus and stunningly landscaped grounds, strolling around Wonderland’s joyful yet relaxing environment is an experience to be relished. Music, jubilant voices and bright lights are sure to make a lasting impression, while at night, the fully illuminated park will be a sight to behold, especially from the planes using the nearby Larnaca airport that will traverse the sky above it.

At the centre of everything

Sprawled over an impressively sized area of 60,000 m2, Wonderland will be conveniently located within the east coast line of Larnaca district, only a short drive away from both Larnaca and Limassol, and no more than a 70-minute drive away from any other point of the island. The park’s premium location in the heart of the tourist area ensures nobody is ever far from having a fun day out.