The registration of a company in Cyprus is an extremely easy process. More than 200,000 off-shore companies are currently registered in Cyprus.

Required time for registration

It is particularly difficult to define in advance the exact time required for a company’s registration, as it depends on:

  • The company’s nature of activities
  • The distribution of its share capital
  • Its application priority

Usually the registration requires approximately 14 days.

The process

The process consists of the following stages

  • Submission of the company’s name to the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver. The approval of the name takes 6 days on average.
  • After the approval of the name, an additional 8 days are required for the completion of the registration.
  • All the companies in Cyprus are required for their registration to have a director (natural or legal entity) and a secretary (natural person). Their profession and whether they are directors in other companies should be clearly defined.
Required Documents
  • In case the share-holders of the company are natural entities, required documents are:
    • Copy of passport
    • Utility bill from the electricity authority, telecommunication authority etc.
  • In case the share-holders of the company are legal entities, required documents are:
    • The Articles of Association
    • Certificate of the company’s shareholders
    • Certificate showing the address of the company
  • Certificates and licenses related with the activities of the company can be submitted afterwards.
  • All documents should be translated in Greek and English.